Twisted Indie Horror Game Mawn

Twisted Indie Horror Game Review

Twisted Indie Horror Game!

This twisted indie horror game left me speechless! I have played thousands of games in my life, but this game is one of a kind. Actually feeling the emotions of your character in game was very enjoyable. It is rare when a indie game studio can invoke emotion in a player, but this team did just that! I am actually sad this game is not longer. This game was actually made for the two minute horror game jam, I believe? I would love to see more titles from this studio, and I will be keeping an eye on them!

Twisted Indie Horror Game

Mawn has some of the best atmosphere I have seen in a while. While the game is a bit dark and could use more lighting, the graphics and voice acting are a pure joy to experience!

Twisted Indie Horror Game!

Every new room, in this well thought out game, is a mystery and depth unfolds seamlessly. If only this short game was longer!

Good Indie Dev teams are rare

It is hard to find a good team that meshes well with one another, however I think Missing Guns Studio did just that! It becomes very apparent while playing this short demo game, that this studio has what it takes! I love it when I find a great team like this, and I will be keeping my eyes on this studio!

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