Scary Indie Games Death Trips

Death Trips Scary indie games review

Scary indie games come a dime a dozen

Throw everything you know about scary indie games out the window, because this developer stands out from all the rest! This is a shorter horror experience, due to that, I must be careful not to give to much away. I can, however, say that this indie game dev has mastered the twist ending!

scary indie game

Bright, full color, and detailed settings will immerse you in this one of a kind indie horror experience!

scary indie game

Due to the dark spooky hallways and great atmosphere, you feel like you are deep inside this creepy game and actually experiencing it your self.

Games come and go

I have seen hundreds if not thousands of indie games come and go over the last few years of my life, but a few factors mark a masterpiece. This artist was able to bring about an emotional response in almost every player that tried out this classic. I do have to say the game is super short, but if you can make that many people laugh that hard, then you need to make more games! Keep an eye on this studio! I feel a masterpiece coming soon!

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