Scary Indie Game Recurrent

Scary indie game review Recurrent

Wonderfully scary indie game!

In this scary indie game, you play as a struggling indie game developer. This is a delightful psychological horror! Your character is Currently suffering from writer’s block as well as several other ailments. You are forced to return to your day job so you can make ends meet. Unfortunately, the nightmares start soon after.

scary indie game

I love the office in this game! You defiantly feel like a indie game dev with writers block. Just out of the frame is your pet rabbit Frank. I love Frank.

scary indie game

Attention to detail is very obvious because of the HD quality graphics and great atmosphere.

Indie games are amazing!

Not only are indie games less expensive than comparable AAA titles, indie games are also made with more love, passion , and dedication. The sheer amount of effort that goes into making any game by your self or even with a small team can be overwhelming. You must endure endless hours of work, sleepless nights, and near caffeine overdose. Just the art, sound, level design and mechanics alone are enough to drive you mad. This developer has overcome all the many challenges as well as produced a fun game! Great job!

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