Scary Games to Play I have a fear

Scary games to play I have a fear game review

Finding scary games to play is hard!

The endless search for amazing scary games to play is like pulling teeth because it’s hard to find a good one. You spend hours on the web, download a game, test it, and vomit. High quality scary games are rare. Well my friends, today I have a treasure for you! This game is a diamond in the rough. I love indie games, and this artist as real talent! I can’t wait to see more titles from this indie game dev. Not often do you find a indie game that hits you this hard. This dev REALLY has a knack for the indie horror game genre!

scary games to play

This game has some very immersive graphics as well as fantastic background atmosphere.

scary games to play

Every new scene or location in this game is unique and well planned out. This developer really knows how to make a indie horror game.

Stop searching

Sometimes I hate looking for games online, because finding a good one is rare. I really do spend hours upon hours looking for good games so I can enjoy them. Well, if you need a horror game to play, then stop searching! This game will provide a unique experience due to the well planned out atmosphere and fantastic game play. You will be immersed in this fantastic horror experience, and forget about the troubles of life.

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