Retro FPS Indie Hell Hunt

Indie game review retro FPS Hell Hunt

Retro FPS Hell Hunt

Hell Hunt is a fantastic indie retro FPS game. The art and game play style of this game appear to be inspired by popular 90’s shooters like Quake.

Retro FPS

No matter if you want to rid the world of evil or enjoy a relaxing evening of blowing people to bloody bits, this game has it for you!

Retro FPS

Amazing graphics and fantastic game play are both par for the course with this beautiful retro fps indie game.


  • Bullet time: A short bullet time will be triggered when you kill a demon, During bullet time everything will slow down but you’ll move normally.
  • Abilities: You can use some special abilities (most of them have a cooldown), such as throwing katanas, dash, etc.
  • Weapon: More than 10 weapons in game (you can use 5 of them in this demo).
  • Level: Inspired by the classic shooter’s level design methods, including: key cards, secret areas, etc.

FPS games are a dime a dozen but this artist went a step above the rest. I really enjoy it when I find a unique game, developed by a talented indie game dev or dev team. This game is on my list of favorite Indie titles! No matter if you are feeling burned out from a long day, or you just need a break from the daily routine, this game is sure to bring you hours of enjoyment and tons of bloody FPS fun!

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