Indie Horror Games Stone House Orphanage

Indie Game Reviews Stone House Orphanage Horror Game!!

Made for the Two-Minute Horror Jam

Indie horror games are hard to make, but this one is great for what it is!! This indie game was designed for the Two-Minute Horror Jam. That being said, this indie title was made in a short time under less than perfect conditions, for a game development competition called a game jam.

Indie Horror game

With the strict time constraints of a game jam, this team did a knock up job! The game, needs work, but is VERY playable!

Indie Horror Games

Indie games, and horror games are amazing! My passion has always been game development. I have fond memories hacking away at my Commodore 64 creating my newest RPG. That same love for games is what drove this artist, as well as thousands of others, to design and build there own games. Sometimes my desire to work on my latest game is so strong I forget to eat! Over the years I have learned that to make games, one must play games. So take a break from your busy day, check out this video on my YouTube, and play this game. Go ahead, you deserve a break!!

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