Free Indie Horror Games Another Nightmare

Indie Game Reviews Another Nightmare Horror Game!!

Great Indie Developer

This developer is going places! Cody Larkin is on a direct path to creating one of the best free indie horror games of all time. Another Nightmare, the second thrilling edition to there free indie horror games collection, takes place while you are having a lucid terrifying nightmare. From the moment you start to the very end, you are immersed in this horror game. The artist is truly providing a beautiful fantasy world of there creation.

Free Indie Horror Games Another Nightmare

While traversing your home in a dream state, you quickly realize, the whole environment is intractable and well designed.

Free Indie Horror Games Another Nightmare

Every room has dark images and creepy sounds adding to the atmosphere of this indie horror game.

This indie game has the potential to become something only found in the darkest depths of your mind. The horrors that dwell beneath every nightmare, and the strange lucid dream game mechanics make this indie title a sure hit. I do have to admit that this game leaves you hungry and thirsty for more because the dev has cut it short. The limited game play, will hopefully, be extended by this artist as I am loving this game! With proper testing and more hard work this free indie horror game can, and will, achieve AAA quality.

This free indie horror game is short,

However, I feel the artist is honing there indie game dev skills so I am really enjoying the games produced by this indie developer. I recommend you keep an eye on this team as I feel they will soon make one of the best indie horror games of all time!

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